Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bicycle Parking in Japan

Is it popular for people in your country to use bicycle for daily life?

Many people, young and old, use bicycles in Japan.  In order to avoid congestion, bicycles can be parked at many places such as stations, shopping malls, schools and apartments.

In this country, bicycle parking lots are mainly located near train stations, so people living far from the train station can come to the station by bicycle and leave it at the bicycle parking lot.

Because so many bicycles need to be accommodated in a limited space, you can see many types of bicycle parking lots these days.

Some of them cost a couple of thousand yen per month, but the others are for free.

Have you seen bicycle parking lots in Japan?

It is amazing!!

Many bicycles are parked in a limited space, but they are very well organized.

You will be surprised when you look at the place.

It may be a good place to take a picture!!

If you use bicycle to look around in a city, why don’t you stop by and see the unique spot?