Thursday, September 1, 2016

Historic Village of “SHIRAKAWA-GO”

So many historic houses in the village.

“Shirakawa-go” has a beautiful view being reminiscent of the old Japanese life.

Shirakawa-go has been named to the UNESCO list of world heritage since 1975.

The town is located in the northern end of Gifu prefecture, where is surrounded by steep mountains.

It had been rare to have visitors to the town due to its geographical and weather reasons.

Therefore, people could keep its old culture and customs by now.

An area with about 100 thatched A-frame houses is one of the main tourist spots in Shirakawa-go.

You can enter the thatched house; Wada-ke, which is designated as a cultural asset of national importance, and enjoy seeing the inside and structure.

There are many places that you can rest and feel traditional Japanese lifestyle such as cafes, souvenir shops, and hotels in the town.

Every season, Shirakawa-go attracts us with its beautiful landscape even though it is said the must-see season is in winter.

Why don’t you go to “Shirakawa-go” to feel the history of Japan?