Thursday, June 30, 2016

The cotton candies evolve.

As you know, cotton candy is a sweet of which molted sugar into an extremely thin thread form is collected and formed into cotton form.

Because there is a unique fragrance fragrant indulgently at the time of production, it is sold in the stands such as a fair and a street, the festival well.

It is big pleasure of the visitors that see a state made in front, but it puts it in the bag as a display beforehand blew up like a balloon, and it decorates it with the stand and is sold.

In late years bags printed the popular character on are used well.

It is a popular cotton candy from old days, but a new thing comes out in Harajuku or Haneda Airport and is popular among youths recently.

There is the fun thing including the cake which a pancake comes out to when chocolate sauce is worn on the cotton candy and the cotton candy which are bigger than a face a lot.

Let’s look for new cotton candies in Japan!