Monday, June 27, 2016

Do you know “Michi-no-eki”?

In the roadside station called “Michi-no-eki”, local towns as a nucleus are places having both the functions of three called "a local cooperation function" to cooperate "the information dispatch function" for a road user and local people "the break function" for road users at a roadside station in the road installations where local promotion facilities were united with a rest area registered by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

On November 5, 2015, it is registered 1,079 places in Japan.

Conventionally, the public rest station of the public way hardly existed whereas a service area (SA) and parking area (PA) which were the rest station which anyone could use freely in the expressway for 24 hours were maintained.

To drive long distance has been increased by progress of the motorization, and, like SA, the PA of the expressway, a rest area available freely came to be demanded from anyone on a general road for 24 hours.

At each roadside station, the person nearby and tourist can enjoy it for a famous local products, local fresh vegetables and others.

If you drive in Japan, please stop at the “Michi-no-eki” for your rest.