Monday, June 13, 2016

A powerful festival of Ombashira!

In the Suwa big shrine called “SUWA TAISHA” of Suwa-shi, Nagano, there is a very big festival to be said to be Ombashira Festival.

Ombashira is a pillar made from fir tree and Ombashira Festival comes to be held grandly from 804 years.

Only 16 chosen fir trees are begun to pull in the village from the mountain and are built in the four corners of the main shrine of the “Suwa Taisha” in the year of a tiger and the monkey every seven years.

Ombashira itself is a huge tree such as approximately 17m in length, more than 1m in diameter, and approximately 10 tons in weight.

"Yamadashi” that trees are pulled from the mountain to the village is held on April and “Satobiki” that the trees are carried to the Shrine and built in four corners of main shrine is held on May at both of Kamiyashiro and Shimoyashiro.

This year, “Yamadashi” will be held on April 2nd to 10th and “Satobiki” will be held on May 3rd to 16th.

It is a powerful and magnificent festival to want you to come once.