Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cherry Blossom and “Hanami”

The cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree) is a tree seen in the all over Japan widely.

It is the important scenery forming a Japanese sense of the seasons that the flower blooms all at once in an area in spring and to be scattered in only less than two weeks.

The beauty of the pretty flower is impressed with still more by the shortness between the anthesis, magnificence of the coming near scattering and may be said to be it when it is mystery and others gills, that purpose, or the cherry tree often lets a person be out of order in the vanity of the life of the person from ancient times.

In Hanami of Japan, a noble event of the Nara era is said to be the origin, and it is traditional to enjoy a cherry blossom viewing lunch at the seat of the cherry blossom viewing.

Currently, many parties to become lively with a dance and a song are held and many people enjoy parties, foods and drinks while seeing the cherry blossoms.

A flower forecast for cherry blossoms is announced by each private enterprise weather company every year from February to April in each area, the line which bound a flowering expected area together on the same day is called an advance line of cherry blossoms.

When is the cherry tree of this year in full bloom?