Thursday, February 11, 2016

Plum Tree and Mito Kairakuen

It is the season of flower of the plum tree.

Kairaku-en Garden in Mito City of Ibaragi Prefecture is the famous place of the plum tree.

Prince Mito feudal clan ninth charges feudal lord Nariaki Tokugawa established Kairaku-en Garden as "the place that enjoyed a large number of people” in Mito-shi, Ibaraki in 1842.

Kairakuen was appointed in the historic spot of the country and the natural beauty spot and have been counted in one of three famous Japan garden along with Koraku-en Garden of Okayama-shi and Kenroku-en Garden of Kanazawa-shi..

The plum of 3,000 approximately 100 kinds is planted in Kairaku-en Garden, and plum Festival of Mito is started in the end of February every year in the end of March.

The plum Festival of Mito is full of a large number of tourists, and many kinds of entertainments including a night plum festival and the tea party to light up a plum using candlelight are performed.

There was the news that the flower of the plum flowered in January for a mild winter of the beginning of this year, and a plum flowers seem to begin to bloom even in Kairaku-en Garden now.