Monday, January 18, 2016

Do you know a person in charge of cooking and serving hotpot dish?

In cold winter, we eat food served in a pot (called Nabe) well in Japan.

The food served in a pot has various types such as Mizutaki, a Sumo wrestler's stew, Ishikari-nabe or others by are and the materials. 

The Nabe is offered on a dining table in a state classifying into the pan which the food served in a pot and it is not moved to the side dish to tableware and used for cooking. 

After completion of cooking (boiling), it is served into a small bowl with sauce based on the binger, soy sauce and others.

If you visit to Japan in the winter season, we recommend you to try Nabe. 

And if you try the Nabe in Japan and know any Japanese person, please ask if he/she is Nabebugyou.  

Nabebugyou is a magisterial commenter serving out food who directs quantity of soup stock, the order to put ingredient materials in of soup stock, heat condition and others.

They can serve you a good Nabe!