Friday, August 21, 2015

The finest Japanese Beef, Matsusaka Beef

Matsusaka beef is one of internationally well known beef from Japan and it is  sometimes called as “Kuroge Wagyu” or “Japanese Black”.

Matsusaka is a city in Mie prefecture and Matsusaka beef in Japan is considered to be one of the top three brand,finest and expensive beef with Kobe Beef and Omi beef or Yonezawa beef.

This beef can be hard to find outside of big cities as only a limited number of the cows are slaughtered every year. You will expect to pay around $50 for 100 grams for cuts of sirloin. Still, there are various opportunity that you pay up to 10,000JPY for 150 grams of A5 grade.

Now you can even enjoy Matsusaka beef hamburger at many restaurants to taste mouthful juicy beef!!!