Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Japanese style pubic bath, the Kenko Land!!

We have many so called public bath in all over Japan and it is like an amusement theme park of bathing! It also seems like a roman thermae where you can take a bath, you can have a chat,you can drink & eat and you can even take a nap.

In Japan, we call it “Kenko Land” or “Super Sento”which Kenko means health and sento means public bath. Original Kenko land was established in Funabashi, Chiba in 1955 and the had a comedy show for older people. In the begging, those Kenko Land or the Super Sento were designed for older people to have fun.

Now,this Kenko Land has been remodeling  a lot for all aged family, such as having big swimming pool, Karaoke rooms, spa treatment room, saunas,restaurants and more and more.

Good things is that they usually open for 24 hours so if you miss the train or no where to stay, you can just go ahead to have a bath and enjoy other things over there!!!