Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The super hero for kids – ANPAN-MAN

There is a hero in any country, like Superman.
ANPAN-MAN(cartoon) is the hero for kids in Japan and have been loved for years.

ANPAN-MAN is not a man but bread with stuffed ANKO.
ANKO is mashed beans with much sugar and ANPAN is bread with ANKO so the hero is called ANPAN-MAN.

The face of ANPAN-MAN is made from ANPAN and it is replaceable when it is damaged. A man who bakes bread make a new face for ANPANMAN.

An enemy of ANPAN-MAN is BAIKIN-MAN. BAIKIN means bacteria in Japanese.
BAIKIN-MAN tries to beat ANPAN-MAN in any ways such as splashing water on him (Since ANPAN-MAN is bread, he is weak to water), scatter bacteria around ANPAN-MAN but it ends in vain.

ANPAN-MAN not only beats BAIKIN-MAN but also gives his part of face to someone need help.

There are many friends of ANPAN-MAN and they are also other kinds of bread or food.

ANPAN-MAN is for kids but the matter is actually deep so it is for all ages.