Thursday, January 29, 2015

Japanese style Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe it’s almost February! In Japan winter is known as the coldest month of a year. How about your country?

Does your culture have a Valentine’s Day? In Japan – yes. The style of Japanese Valentine’s Day is that a woman gives a chocolate to a man. It doesn’t have to be a chocolate – it can be cookies, cupcakes, and so on. But a chocolate is the most common sweet.

There are so many kinds of chocolate for the day. Prices are varies. Usually women who want to be polite at work, they give inexpensive ones to men coworkers. For the one, for example a husband or a boyfriend, women spend more money to buy a great one, like a special one.

Of course many women make chocolate. It would be cheaper than buying. And it makes chocolate special.

There is another story I’d like to talk about Valentine’s Day, but I’ll talk about it later here!

So, what’s your country’s custom for Valentine’s Day?