Monday, January 5, 2015

A huge hit cartoon film - Yokai-Watch

Yokai-Watch is now the most popular cartoon in Japan.
Yokai-Watch is a story about a boy who has a special watch.
He can see invisible Yokai(specter) through the watch.

According to the story, everything wired, bad and strange is caused by Yokai.
If a person sleeps too much, Sleepy Yokai is behind the person and the central character can see the Yokai through the watch.

What he does is to let the Yokai stop what they are doing such as making people sleep too much. Of course the Yokai do not listen to him, so he call other Yokai which is friend of him to help.

The battle is no violent but even cute. After the battle, the Yokai give him a medal which is a symbol of a friend. By inserting the medal to the watch, he can call the Yokai when he wants.Yokai to appear to help. Yokai-Watch is popular among not only kids but also adults.