Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looking for somewhere to kill time? Let’s go to Hyakkin!

 We like things which are not only good quality but also cheap.
You can find them at Hyakkin (hundred-yen store).

Hyakkin is a shop where sells every product at 100yen. (approx $0.84)

Japanese love Hyakkin because it treats anything like stationery, dish, flower pot, snack, juice, clothespin, socks and any other items in decent quality with cheap price (\100).

Hyakkin is now all over Japan but it was not so popular a while ago so it is familiar to young people but not to old people.

So sometimes a daughter and a father have a conversation like below.
A daughter:  “I bought this at Hyakkin, isn’t it cool?”
A father   :  “Oh, that’s nice. How much was it?”

Again, price at Hyakkin is all \100.