Monday, December 1, 2014

How To Make the New Year’s Card

As I write before, the New Year’s Card is important for Japanese New Year.
It is fun to take a look at the cards by relatives, co-workers, or friends.
 You may be surprised that almost all the cards has different design.
That is reason why we take time to prepare for it.
Let me introduce briefly how we make the New year’s Cards .

1, Download the format from the CD-ROM or the site and print it by yourself
This is the common way to print the cards today.
 You can find various books with a companion CD-ROM which has many design formats.
 The web-sites also help to find the format.

2, Handwriting and Decoration
You can just write your own design by yourself, decorate by stamps, tapes, or stickers.

3 , Order the design and print to the store
The photo shops or the print shops offer the print of the New Year Cards that design is selected.

Making the New Year’s Cards seems to send a greeting with fun.