Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Dry Season has come!

In the winter, we need to pay attention to the dry air to prevent from the cold or flu, and dry skin accompanied by itching.

Today, we heat the room up with air- conditioner which causes more air-dries rather than the kerosene stove.
That is why running the humidifier becomes more and more common in the room.
You have the diversity of choice of the humidifier; the humidifier with ion generator, with aroma, with LED light.
Even the well-designed humidifier becomes a beautiful accessory in our home.

The various moisturizers and lip balms are available at the drugstore for the dry skin.
The cosmetic brand brings new moisturizer to market one after another.

The foreign moisturizer with sweet perfume  is popular among young women; it is one of the excellent gift for women.