Sunday, November 23, 2014

Japanese Likes to Wait in a Queue.

How long have you waited in a queue for something to eat, to see, or to buy?
You may be surprised three is people who wait for two hours to buy popcorn.

In Japan, when you look around the city at the lunch time, you can easily find the people standing in line waiting for food.
At the release date of the game console or something limited, there is a line.
There is always a line at the Ueno zoo to see pandas.
It is difficult to enjoy without waiting in line at the Disney land.
Why do Japanese like to line up?
We may think the line guarantee the taste of the restaurant.
We may value hard-won things

On the other hand, when the earthquake occurred, Japanese line-up habits have been admired all over the world because people at the shelter follow the rule and wait for food in line patiently.

Anyway, we know it is crazy to wait in line for a long tim , the line will never disappear from Japan.
Please figure out why and how long the Japanese line up, when you are in Japan.