Monday, November 24, 2014

Do you know a Japanese paper? “Washi” 

The Washi which is expected to be resistered UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage is Japanese paper that has traditional unique method of manufacturing and materials.

Although the manually produced Washi has extreamly low productivity, it is more durable and stronger than the other papers around the world.This strength of the Washi has led it to be a versatile material.
In tradition, the Japanese fans, the umbrella, even the cloths have been made of the Washi.
Today, the light and durable Washi helps to repair the Cultural assets like the paintings or ancient documents in the Western countries.

In Japan, the Washi is used not only as traditional way but also new; even the water –resistant bags made of the paper is available.
I’m looking forward to the show-up of the new products of the Washi more and more.