Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have you ever tasted Japanese Nikujaga?

If you want to taste typical Japanese food, you should eat Nikujaga.
Niku means meat, and jaga means popato.
This is a simple dish, only made from popato, meat, sevral kinds of vegetables.
To Japanese people, it is mom's home cooking.

Nikujaga is usually made from popato, beef, carrot and onion.
It is seasoned with soy source.
In the eastern area like Tokyo, pork can be used instead of beef.

The history of Nikujaga is not long, only about 100 years.
In the 19th century, an imperial Japanese navy Heihachiro TOGO was impressed by beef stew when he
stayed in Britain. And he ordered navel cook to create the same stew.
But there or no red wine or demi-grace sauce, the cook seasoned it with soy source.

If you visit Japan, bring soy sauce back to your country and cook Japanese stew Nikujaga!